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About us

ROSHNI was founded in 1998 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh with the objective of providing direct services for persons with neurological and other impairments, raise awareness about disability, build capacities to increase the numbers and strengthen the knowledge and skills of the lay and the professional, family and community, to enable the inclusion of persons with disability into the community.

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Director of services – Ms. Manjula Patankar

She has worked in varoius projects, as a special Educator Superior and Co-ordinator, for 15 years at the Spastics Society N. India a diploma in special education 1985; certificate in alternative and augmentative communication movement and yoga for children with special needs – UK, and drama therapy; she is Member International Society for Alternative and Augmentative Communication; Member of the National Trust, local level committiee Gwalior; and is also associated with a number of other social and welfare institutions in Gwalior and at national level.

Deputy Director of services – Ms. Priti Kapoor

She is special educator trained in 1983 by NCERT as a key person in the integrated education of the disabled. She brings in her experience at the Spastics Society of Northern India, where she functioned as deputy head of a project, special educator in a rural project and as lecturer in the post graduate diploma in special education. She looks after the day to day functioning and training needs at ROSHNI.



Staff List

Other members of the ROSHNI Team are:

  • Special Educators: Shubha Sardana, Shalini Gambhir, Leena Roy, Prashanti Rawat

  • Assistant Teachers: Nanda Kacker, Bhawna Dixit, Archana Sharma

  • Coordinator Therapy: Penny Fox O'Sullivan (Paediatric physiotherapist)

  • Developmental Therapist: Vivek Sharma

  • Physiotherapist: Saurabh Chauhan

  • Therapy Assistants: Ramsewak, Mamta Batham (National Trust Caregivers)

  • Co-ordinator CBR: Rakhi Asthana (Social worker)

  • Community Workers: Madhu Chauhan and Kiran Chauhan

  • Counsellor (Part time): Sanjay Chattopadhyaya

  • Administration and facilitation: Sanjay Pande

  • Accountant (part time): Rajiv Jain

  • Support Staff (Helpers): Meena Bai, Pista Bai and Kaptan Singh (Driver)

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