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Vocational unit work plan for Training and Employment The objectives are:

  1. To Operate a vocational training programmed for Life skills training for all young adults above 18 years of age

  2. Teach 2 vocational skills to each person; We will need to appoint new staff in some of the above areas.

  3. Research 2 new skills every year

  4. Train the students in work ethics

  5. To train 2-3 people for outside employment

  6. Employment of persons with disabilities- To Build up an Employment Cell- employ a marketing person, to contact corporate sector; placement of MBA students.

  7. Teach computer skills to 10 children/Adults per year-this has been introduced in 2013; we require the salary of a computer person, to train the students.

  8. To develop Cultural & extracurricular activities for Leisure time and recreation

  9. To develop skills in sports and yoga

  10. Develop a Self Advocacy Team: 6-8 young students are already part of this team and have been giving letters to officials and/or help with audits for a Barrier free environment in Gwalior; we need to provide them with leadership training and invite 2-3 Persons as role models for motivation.

  11. Organize staff training for vocational work.

  12. Support the Mothers Group to develop a business plan and business enterprise Hold initial meetings to develop and take forward the Jewellery business idea

  13. Strengthen the Parent Groups: 3 Parent Association have been registered in Gwalior with the help of the Administration, they need to be affiliated to the National Trust and Parivaar. Invite active outstation parents/associations to advise and guide the local groups; seek support from the local administration.

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